Between 1987 and 1992 TWINART was sponsored by the Polaroid Corporation to participate in their Artist Support Program.  At this time the Kahn sisters were prolific in creating 20"x24" multi-exposure images using freeze frames of video clips collaged with magazine ads. The result is the Instant Replay series exposed as the dream of effortless life as a mirage mirrored in the parallel of and reciprocal realms of advertising and consumerism.

Lips Polaroid 20"x24" 1989

Aura 2  Polaroid  20"X24" 1989

H2O Polaroid 20"X24" 1987

Contempt Polaroid 20"X24" 1987

Instant Polaroid 20"X24" 1987

Aura 1 Polaroid 20"x24" 1989

Bab-o Polaroid 20"X24" 1987

Climax Polaroid 20"X24" 1989

Meat Polaroid 20"X24" 1987

Enquire Polaroid 20"X24"